Finally: Conservative and Liberal defined
Jul 15th, 2014 by jgnash

 JGN_H&S2011_LR_BorderOf Cabbages and Kings

   by j.g.nash

   The essential difference between political affiliations

My BFF (that’s “best female friend” for all you old folks that still use telephones to talk to others) put down her chocolate-marshmallow Martini to ask: “Just what is the difference between liberals and conservatives; between Republicans and Democrats?”

“That can,” I knowingly responded, “be boiled down to just four words for each.  Conservatives are characterized by 4 Cs : Constructive, Careful, Creative, and Conventional.  Liberals, also by just 4 Ls:  Loose, Looney, Lazy, Losers.  Republicans bring to mind 4 Rs: Realists, Rational, Reasonable, and Responsible.  Democrats earn 4 Ds: Dreamers, Duh, Dangerous, and Destructive.”

Sipping her vodka laced slurpy, my trophy blond wrinkled her little nose and questioned, “But what about Independents?”

” Ah yes, the new free-thinkers; let me see — they’ve 4 Is: Indecisive, Ineffective, Inactive, and Incapable.”

Miss Piggott, Arkansas, of 1992, giggled, shook her empty glass and seductively asked for “another please.”  Politics are simplified by wise old men, and booze.


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Senator Harry Reid plays the race card
Jul 9th, 2014 by jgnash

JGN_H&S2011_LR_BorderOf Cabbages and Kings

by j.g.nash

Five white men decide womens’ right to birth control

If there is a poster boy for sleazy, dangerous, amoral, unconscionable, destructive, dishonest, sneaky, politicians, it has to be the Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid.  In a recent comment concerning an important decision by the Supreme Court (which properly relieves employers from having to provide abortion pills/devices to their employees, when such is contrary to the employer’s religious belief and principles), our senior senator used the issues of race and sexism to inflame and excite mindless liberal masses.

In referring to the 5 to 4 decision in the now well-known Hobby lobby case, which was, disappointingly, but typically, split right along ideological and emotional lines, rather than according to what the law of the land has to say on the matter, Reid said essentially the following: Five white men decided whether or not women should have access to birth control medications. the use of “white,” in this context, is racist; can you imagine the furor that would arise were Speaker of the House, Boehner, to say something such as: A black man (the President) has increased taxes on white Republicans?  

It seems clear to me that Reid’s racist/sexist comments were made to stir up divisive social tensions, for no purpose other than shady political gain.  But that aside, if you can, let’s look at the accuracy of Reid’s shameless, inflammatory statement.  Are there five “white” men on the SCOTUS?  Clearly NOT, if, by “white,” as surely intended by irresponsible Reid,  is implied the often denigrated, “white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant (WASP).”  Of the five male justices forming the majority vote in this case, one is “black” or “African American”; one is so-called “Hispanic” (or “brown”); and two are “Italian-Americans.”  That’s hardly the “five white men” intentionally and maliciously suggested by Senator Reid.

Then there’s the intentionally misleading statement that the Court’s decision denies free birth control medications to women: all the court has said, is that employers whose religious beliefs prohibit abortions, are not required to provide such to their employees.  Many types of birth control pills and devices will still be freely furnished.

It’s no wonder that the man on the U.S. street is disillusioned with just about every part of today’s Federal Government: it has become racist, sexist, inefficient and ineffective, wasteful, bloated, divisive, dishonest, deceptive, selfish, arrogant and dictatorial.  And, there seems to be no light at the end of that long, dark tunnel, leading to —– ?

Are there no longer any Jimmie Stewarts to send to Washington?

– 30 –

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Photography 101: The Portrait
Jun 27th, 2014 by jgnash

M9SelfPortraitM1PC  Lessons in Photography

    by j.g.nash

  Making effective portraits

As is more than adequately illustrated by the abused Internet’s public forums (e.g., Facebook) most of us can’t make a reasonably acceptable portrait photograph. The problem boils down to the simple fact that we don’t know what a “portrait” is; so how could we possibly make one, even were we trained, experienced photographers, using the finest available equipment?

My well-used Oxford Dictionary establishes that “(a portrait is) a picture, drawing, or photograph of a person or animal.”  Notice that portraits are defined as being of one (1) person; not of several, and not including both animals and humans, nor visually competitive, inanimate objects, such as a beloved pickup truck.  Classically, great artists (Goya, Rembrant, etc.) established portraits to be essentially limited to head and shoulders images of humans (often of themselves); that basic definition applies today, although it is increasingly, and carelessly, violated.  Now, I will admit that there is room include, as portraits, images that are full figure (still of one person), as well as what I class as “family portraiture,” which is a carefully posed group photo (even with the family’s favorite pet dog).  Ok, ground rules established, how do we make better profile images?

First of all, the better portraits are made by persons with some basic knowledge of how the photographic process works.  Yes, snapshooters, using PHD (Push Here Dummy) cameras can, on rare occasion, make a very nice portrait, but the odds heavily favor a photographer that understands the concepts of such as depth of field, lighting, composition, focus, “film” speed, and posing; while also knowing at least the basics of how aperture and shutter speed affect the final image.  It is beyond the abilities of anything such as a BLOG to furnish detailed lessons on the craft and art of good photography, but we will, here, offer a few essential suggestions, to help you create better portraits.

In general, avoid indoor, flash-on-camera shots, which usually appear more like police mug shots than portraits.  And those ubiquitous selfies, made via the bathroom mirror are almost never worth keeping.  Unless you’re an experienced, trained professional photographer, create your portraits outside.  Find a background that is minimally intrusive, or that doesn’t tend to draw attention away from the human subject (heavy foliage, or a plain wall are examples), then place your subject as far as reasonably possible from that background, so that it loses sharpness, definition, and the ability to distract.  If your camera permits, use an iris (f-stop) setting toward the wider end (e.g., f-4 rather than f-11): that decreases depth of field,  draws viewer attention to the subject’s face, on which you’ve carefully focused the camera’s lens.

Try to work on a hazy-bright, or slightly overcast day, which offer the sort of soft lighting that is most complimentary to most human faces.  Avoid harsh lighting, such as direct sunlight, which causes subject to squint, and results in deep black shadows along with washed-out highlights.

It’s best to avoid having the subject look at the camera. and say “cheese.”  The classic “Rembrandt” profile, has the subjects head turned away, on about a 45-de  gree angle, in which both eyes are visible, and the nose does not protrude beyond a cheek; subject should look straight ahead, rather than back at the camera.  Compose the image so that there is more room in front of the subject than behind.  Use a tripod to maximize sharpness, and set a shutter speed fast enough to freeze possible movement by the subject (1/125th is adequate in most cases).  An optimal camera setting of 1/250th and f-5.6, is possible, under overcast lighting conditions, when the camera’s ISO/ASA speed is set to 100 or lower.  Chat continually with the subject as you go about your business of establishing composition, focus, exposure, etc.  Comments such as: “That looks great! But turn you pretty face just a bit more to the left — there, hold that — perfect!  Got it; How about a little smile for the next shot?  Say sex!  Great!  You sure you’re not a professional model?

Guatemalan girl_LR_CR       Here’s an example of a classic portrait.  Notice how the background fades out of focus, while your attention is drawn to the subject’s face — especially to the eyes.  The head is turned as suggested in the prior discussion.    [ISO 100; 135mm lens; f4.5, 1/125th.] The photo was made inside a Guatemalan temple, dedicated to the primitve god Maximon.  The only existing light came from an open door at the right, so an on-camera flash, bounced off a 3×5 file card, was used to fill the left side of the child’s pretty face.  Of course, not every portrait has to look like this; thoughtful, purposeful variation of the rules can result in some outstanding work — but rational logical thought, knowledge, and skill always provide far better results than simply aiming an automated camera at a subject stabbing at the release button repeatedly, and hoping that one of 50 may be “ok.”

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Jun 21st, 2014 by jgnash

Of Cabbages and Kings

by j.g.naJGN_H&S2011_LR_Bordersh

Sleazy, corrupt politics in Cobb County, Georgia

Homosexual activity is a deviation from normal human sexual behavior; so is pedophilia.  The former has become largely acceptable, while the latter is, curiously, seen as so unacceptable that its practitioners are quickly tried, convicted, and sentenced to long years behind bars.

I am not in favor of incarcerating homoexuals, nor in accepting pedophiles as being normal, but I do wonder why we obviously view pedophiles as terrible criminals, which must be locked away immediately and for decades, when their “crimes” generally seldom significantly injure anyone, while, at the same time, corrupt politicians, whom significantly injure millions of us, are almost never tried for their heinous crimes; let alone punished?  Look at an illustration of my point, which recently was played out in Cobb county ( a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia).

The Cobb County Commission recently brought unwanted public attention on itself, when it, in extraordinary haste and secrecy, approved using nearly $400 million in tax dollars to create another, unneeded, unproductive, privately owned, for profit, professional sports palace.  That corrupt, contemptible political, county commission, even went so far as to, with much help from the developers standing to make millions from the deal, rig the few public meetings scheduled to discuss the project, so that only apparently coached, practiced, and paid (?) supporters of the new sports arena were allowed to speak at those sham public meetings.

In the same time period, and the same county, a 28-year-old man was tried and sentenced to 30 years in prison, for “inappropriately touching” a 13-year-old girl, whom had, apparently, invited him to her home.

It seems that the girl so “touched” was not significantly harmed: on the other hand, the taxpayers of Cobb County will be robbed, every year for decades, to pay for a useless sports stadium, which will never benefit the county residents — financially or otherwise.  Which is the more egregious crime: inappropriately touching a minor, or a trusted public official stealing from taxpayers for personal and/or political gain?

It’s past time for us to begin treating government officials, elected or appointed, like scurrilous criminals, when they behave unethically, if not clearly unlawfully.  We need government, but we cannot, and must not, tolerate the sort of corrupt, arrogant, underhanded behavior exhibited recently, by elected officials in Cobb County.

– 30 –

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Obama’s political move on climate change
Jun 8th, 2014 by jgnash

JGN_H&S2011_LR_BorderA cornered Obama moves dangerously, trying to save his irreparable reputation

Reportedly (at least according to the limp-minded Washington Post) 70% of Americans agree that the government should limit existing power plants’ greenhouse gas emissions.  It’s therefore hardly surprising that the politically astute President (that’s his only skill), in another move designed to help stem a continuing, nation-wide recognition of his outstanding failure as our national leader, is back on the attack against evil coal.

Under Obama’s proposed new rules, to be enforced by his, bloated and inefficient, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),  carbon emissions, from coal-fired power plants, would have to be cut by 30% (from 2005 levels), by 2030.  In accomplishing that, a productive industry (coal mining) will be emasculated, throwing hundreds of thousands out of useful work, while, as a result, the cost of energy will be significantly increased, thereby raising the prices of almost everything we buy, and forcing inflation to spike.

But, the Greenies respond, it’ll at least be a step in saving our environment.  Really?  Let’s take a look at projections on that pie-in-the-sky belief.  Even the EPA has reportedly admitted that, were we to shut down every coal-fired plant in the nation. the Earth’s air temperature would be lowered by only “one 20th of a degree Fahrenheit in a hundred years.”  In other words, “it will have no noticeable effect.”

Another popular belief, tenaciously held by well-meaning, but largely irrational and uninformed environmentalists (including  hardcore Obama groupies)  is that through an inspirational slogan of “Leading by Example,” we’ll somehow, they say, cause nations such as China and India (the World’s major polluters) to similarly cut emissions.   There is, in my considered opinion, zero chance of that happening.

Bottom line: If Obama’s, typically massive, and confusingly “lawyerly” (623 pages), proposed legislation becomes law, unemployment, inflation, and national debts will increase substantially.  While our economy and quality of life will thus be adversely  affected,  the two most populous, and emerging, nations (China and India) will essentially do nothing to decrease their very significant outputs of air pollutants; global warming will, consequently become even more of a threat than now.

Do you suppose that our Imperial President arrives at such inconceivable and irrational decisions by himself, or does he seek wise council from such as (Guns for Mexican dug lords) Holder, (It was a video that did it) Rice, the sleazy Clintons, assorted, useless, Hollywood celebrities, his vacationing, spendthrift wife, and/or the SECDEF (what the H is his name) ?

College grads are puzzled — once again
May 13th, 2014 by jgnash

Of Cabbages and Kings

by j.g.nash


College degrees and job opportunities

Once again, a legion of smiling, confident, celebratory, college students stream across ceremonial stages, to receive diplomas opening a door to secure and lucrative futures.  Sadly for them, and the nation, this new batch of college grads will soon learn, as have those that preceded them for the past decade or so, that many of those sheepskins are of surprisingly little help in finding the easy, high-paying jobs imagined during four years of football games, binge drinking,  spring vacations, co-ed dorms, and inflammatory, Socialistic lectures by tenured professors from the Lenin Institute, in Cambridge.

While there’s nothing new in the eventual, unfortunate, and avoidable outcome of this year’s ballooning graduation ceremonies, there was one notable bit of comic relief to the once-solemn and formal affairs: now, it seems, it’s de rigueur for graduates, while on center stage, face-to-face with the Dean, outfitted in his impressive academic robes, to  pause, rudely take out a cell phone, and snap a childish “selfie” of one’s moment of fame.  Whatever happened to Pomp and Circumstance during graduation ceremonies?  Did it die, along with the significance of a college degree?

Seriously — most appropriately so — what has happened to the apparent value of a college degree, and can anything be done to reverse the trend?  Should everyone aspire, and expect, to attend at least four years of college?  The answers are complex, varied, and intertwined, requiring far more space than is allowed for this column; that established, I’ll try to present the more significant issues for your consideration and further thought.  Only if we all work together on this major problem facing our nation, is there any chance that we can fix it.

There is work for everyone in a healthy economy, but the type of “work” varies widely.  Some jobs are easier than others to perform satisfactorily; some require specialized formal training and experience; some are seen to be prestigious and glamorous, while others are thoughtlessly looked down on as demeaning;  many jobs are more essential to the nation than the others, and pay for work done varies widely, and not necessarily “fairly.”  WORKERS (i.e., not lawyers, politicians, beauticians, social scientists, psychiatrists, professional athletes, entertainers, poets, and talking heads on tv, etc.) are the foundation of any and every sound economic system.  It has been said that around 70% of a nation’s employed should be those WORKERS; while only the remaining 30% can be employed in support roles.   “Workers’ are primarily those directly in the production of things (not services) which a nation needs and wants, in order to be long-lived and successful.  Workers include such as : farmers, miners, lumbermen, steel workers, engineers, scientists, welders, masons, carpenters, roofers, machinists, truck drivers, ditch diggers, plumbers, electricians, etc.  Those workers must be supported by a large cadre providing vital services (e.g., medical and security personnel {including the armed forces}, bankers, grocers, teachers, and very limited government).

One major problem with our economy is in that our work force is disastrously out of balance: only around 30% of the work force are working productively, while the remaining 70% are employed in nonessential services (e.g., financial advisers, consultants, lawyers, pedicurists, entertainers, professional athletes, hair stylists, restauranteurs, therapists, advertisers, actors, social scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, manicurists, politicians, ambassadors, ad nauseum). A result of that destructive imbalance is that we consume far more than we produce, so must buy the difference from other nations, thus running up the present, crushing, trade deficit and lethal debt.

In order to attempt to save ourselves, we must do an about face, and reinvigorate our industry.  We must mine more coal (not less, as now), open smelters, foundries, factories, shipyards, mines, and oil fields.  We need to reuse our scrap iron instead of shipping to China, and then buying back the finished products.  We must reopen our copper industry, ship building, and others that we’ve killed, either through ignorance or thoughtlessness.  The government needs to initiate a serious policy to emphasize the importance and dignity of real WORK, rather than their destructive current policy of sending every child to college– not everyone needs, should have, or is prepared (via high school education) to study for, a college degree.  College should be reserved (especially if financially assisted by tax monies) for those best qualified to fill jobs directly contributing to production of goods, and not services.  No public funds of any kind should be used to finance college educations in the liberal arts, or other non-productive studies, such as Law, Government, or International Affairs.

If we encourage industry, from agriculture to shipbuilding, and focus our educational institutions (especially high schools and technical schools) on preparing young persons to work in essential industries, the nation’s economy can survive its current crisis, and the appropriate few college graduates will all find appropriate and rewarding jobs.  The present imbalance (30% workers/70% non-productive) simply must be reversed, or our nation will fail, and collapse.

Humorist Will Rogers once put it something like this: “This is the first nation to go to the poor house in an automobile.”  I would now observe that “We may be the first nation to fail because everyone was a college graduate, and no one any longer worked.”  Have you, indeed, noticed that “Work” is actually a 4-letter word?  Which of us today “works” for this or that?  Instead, we are “associated with, “employed by,” or possibly “part of” something or other — but “work”?  Wash you mouth out with laundry soap!  Well, we’d damned well better get to WORK, or college grads looking for employment will be the least of our worries!


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On being rude
May 3rd, 2014 by jgnash

Of Cabbages and Kings


by j.g.nash


On being rude

            I have recently been scolded for being “rude,” so I thought I’d better find out what that meant.  According to my huge, old-fashioned, printed, dictionary: “Rude” is being impolite, or showing no consideration of, or respect for, others.  Now, I needed to know what “polite” meant, so that I could understand “impolite.”  Well, the trusty old reference dictionary tells me that: being polite is having good manners and being socially correct.

            I don’t use vulgar, profane, obscene language in public, nor do I publicly post images of such anywhere.  I don’t idolize performers that use such regrettable language, while encouraging every anti-social activity possible, including murder. I do know how to dress appropriately in church, while out for dinner, or even while shopping in the supermarket.  I know the difference between a fork and a spoon, and have learned how to use a napkin to wipe the slop off my chin when eating like a caveman. I have even learned to take my silly, backwards-worn, hat off when in the house, and particularly at the dinner table, or in the presence of real ladies (of which there are precious few).  I have mastered the art of drinking from a glass, instead of needing a bottle, and have even a rough idea of which things can be eaten by hand, and which not.  I say “thank you, may I,” and “please” regularly, and, oh yes, don’t have both elbows on the table at all times while gorging myself like some wild dog.  I think that I have relatively good manners, and am almost socially correct, so perhaps I am, after all, “polite.”

            There’s, however, still another part to not being that dreaded “rude”: one must show respect or consideration of others.  I not only have great respect for others, but great compassion for them, and a desire to use my long-amassed wisdom to help them to achieve the best that they can out of their lives    and that is where the root of my “rudeness” lies.  It is, in today’s twisted, self-centered, me-first, physical-gratification-above-all-generation, unacceptable for “old, out-of-touch, relatives to question, or suggest, however obliquely, that there might be some way they could improve their chances to optimize their future happiness and satisfaction.

            That’s the great tragedy: today’s typical U.S., youth is far less ready to maximize its future than are, for one example, the Mongoloids amongst us.  Japanese, Indonesian, and other similar immigrants are our universities and high schools outstanding students, and it is they that go on to grab the best, high-paying jobs.

            What I have tried to do, with appropriate comment here and there, is to wake up our youth, before it is too late.

             If that’s being “rude,” I plead “guilty.”  


Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated column by j.g.nash. Relevant comment may be sent to him at jgn@jgnash.com.

Vital social conventions and laws are rotting away–so are we
Apr 23rd, 2014 by jgnash

C&KPrtrt_whiteMatOf Cabbages and Kings

by j.g.nash

 Social decay is national destruction

             I have previously presented a case in which it is argued that the United States of America is speeding towards the edge of an abyss called “Economic Failure.”  That looming catastrophe, by itself, will essentially destroy our nation, but there is another factor that is, at the same time, eating away at our very foundation, thus accelerating our eventual national demise—the deterioration and destruction of our long-standing, vital system of social laws, mores, customs, and traditions.

              I first visited Japan immediately after the end of WW II.  I was, at that time, reunited with a Japanese family which had lived on the street where I grew up, in a Westchester suburb of New York City.  Their government had called them home just before the attack on Pearl Harbor, so they’d been in Japan (Yokohama) throughout that awful conflict.  With their unique insight, I was able to begin to understand what it was like to be Japanese, and, especially, what their life was like during the war.

             I learned that their nation’s seemingly impossible ability to survive our blockade of their imports and exports, while also suffering history’s most dreadful attacks by endless fleets of bombers loaded with high explosives and, especially, fire bombs, was a result of their centuries-old, social structure and customs.  Japan’s surprising strength, in the face of obviously superior force, is explained by the fact that the nation’s building blocks were its functional, and traditional, families, which strictly adhered to, and operated within, time-tested and proven, social laws, customs, traditions, and mores.

             Those highly disciplined, and customs-oriented, families were used to build neighborhood associations, which had power to settle grievances, order necessary actions, and even punish, when rarely necessary.  Neighborhood associations melded into larger “governmental” bodies, which eventually came to a peak in the Emperor’s Palace.  If the emperor expressed an opinion, almost immediately, every person in the Empire knew what it was, and agreed without question.  Within those fundamental building blocks—the families—the eldest male was the ultimate source of wisdom and counsel; when he spoke, all listened closely, and obeyed that which might have been suggested or ordered.  Centuries-old tradition established the unquestioned authority of the elderly, because their collected wisdom was properly recognized, valued, and honored.  Self-respect, honor, pride, and shame were so important that most would rather die than face dishonor, or be seen as an embarrassment to the family or the nation. That particular trait was particularly evident during WW II, when uncounted thousands of Japanese military (and civilians) killed themselves upon recognizing their failures.

            To today’s populations and peoples, the traditional moral code and social laws of the Japanese may seem archaic—even barbaric―but it did make them the most cohesive, resilient, and determined nation on Earth; it also made it possible for them (with aid from the USA), to quickly rise up from the ashes of war, to become a leading nation.  Even today, nearly 70 years after Japan began to emerge from the rubble, and, in that process adopted many traits of the U.S. economic, business, and social structures, the Japanese still benefit more from formal education, are healthier, suffer less crime, and are more industrious than are we.  That’s primarily a result of the survival of their essential social code, even after it was infected by ours.

             The all-important Japanese family, which was sanctioned, recognized, blessed, and protected by government, religion, and neighbors, stayed together, apparently in harmony, health, and prosperity, for so long as they did live.  On the other hand, today, here in these “progressive” not-so-United Sates of America, families are unfashionable, ridiculed, and already essentially useless as a social tool. Marriage is viewed unnecessary and inconvenient; bastard children grow up without vital familial guidance and supervision; in essence, our population has become an uneducated, shameless, rebellious, hedonistic, lazy, rudderless mob, mindlessly dependent upon corrupt government for everything from health care to unemployment paychecks.  Their goals, if any, are violent video games and action-packed movies; triple cheese pizzas; beer and shooters; free sex; no limits on any social behavior; ear-spitting “music” with obscene lyrics; an easy, undemanding job with high pay and early retirement; and mindless professional sports spectacles.

            We now, in child-like ignorance, not only ridicule traditional families (where father once “knew best”), but actually support creation of families without a father, mother, or both.  There’s probably a government agency that today is testing the use of pigs (said to be among the more intelligent animals) to raise human children. Come to think on it: the porkers might do a better job than are we.

              Television, and popular music, routinely denigrate traditional families, and portray experienced elders as “old fools.”  Illegitimate births, dysfunctional and/or broken families are the rule, rather than an exception.  Our government is corrupt, amoral (immoral), and happily supported by an inadequately raised, self-serving, essentially ignorant, pleasure-seeking population. There’s no way our nation―any nation―can survive such societal rot—which was the primary factor in the fall of the once-grand, and seemingly all-powerful, Roman Empire.


     Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated feature by j.g.nash.  Relevant comment may be sent to him at jgn@jgnash.com.



Immoral politicians, including the Obamas!
Apr 17th, 2014 by jgnash


PolitiJGN_H&S2011_LR_Bordercian, or Immoral?  They’re one in the same

      I find it puzzling — When a pedophile is identified in a neighborhood, all available forces are mustered to grab him, and lock him away almost overnight; a suspected Moslem terrorists is quickly spirited away to a secret prison; and a community’s forces are instantly ordered to capture a reported serial killer.  But when an elected official, charged with protecting and serving the citizen’s best interests, not only fails to discharge those weighty responsibilities, but in fact steals money from those that voted for her. Almost no one seems to really care, and she is usually, eventually, allowed to, at worst, resign her post, without punishment of any sort.  Frankly, in my opinion, I’d rather have those previously mentioned, anti-social persons as neighbors, than be next door to a (cover the children’s little ears) “politician.”

     This subject of sleazy, criminal behavior by politicians, was, again, brought to my attention, by another report of unethical, immoral, illegal, behavior by a county commissioner, in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  The evidence, thus far reported, shows that the subject woman used her county-provided charge card to pay more than $3,700, in recent cellphone charges alone. Her known, personal spending, charged to the taxpayers in the past couple of years, comes to a reported $16,800, but, because this public official failed to keep required records and receipts of what she used her government-provided charge card for, no one seems to have any idea just how many more thousands were unlawfully spent by the apparently immoral woman.  .

    Whether it’s a relatively minor county commissioner in Atlanta, or other politicians in high office, such illegal and immoral behavior is intolerable.  Think for example, how the Obamas use shockingly expensive government transportation, and millions in tax funds, to go on frivolous vacations. Can Mrs. Obama’s behavior be other than intentionally fraudulent, when on a family vacation trip to Africa, last year, she reportedly listed her two young daughters as “senior staff”?  And now, just recently, Mrs. Obama took her daughters, along with other relatives and camp-followers, on a “spring break” vacation to China; the estimated cost of which has been put at $150 million. Unquestionably, the cost of those purely personal, vacation trips which the Obama’s have routinely taken, should be reported by them as “other income” on their federal tax returns, but they were not! With the so-called “first family” flagrantly demonstrating such immoral and unethical (if not outright illegal) behavior, what example is being set for the rest of us?  Small wonder that a council woman wouldn’t hesitate to routinely use tax monies for personal purposes.

      Chances are that the subject commissioner will not be at all effectively or necessarily punished for her disgraceful and destructive crimes, but she should be tried immediately, and with significant publicity, then punished by 30 years at hard labor in a prison camp.  That might, at least, begin to clean out, and reduce the future numbers of, rotten and corrupt politicians (please excuse repeated us of that dirty word).


Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated feature by j.g.nash.  Relevant comment may be sent to him at jgn@jgnash.com.

Economic doomsday approaches
Apr 13th, 2014 by jgnash

Of Cabbages and Kings

by j.g.SelfPortraitSmallestnash

 The decline and fall of the United States of America

        As unbelievable and unacceptable as the possibility seems, unless a true miracle occurs, and soon, those of you 50 and younger will almost surely witness a precipitous crash of the U.S. economy, which will quite possibly cause riots, looting, mass starvation, pestilence, disease, and death.  Savings accounts will be wiped out, banks closed, credit cards inoperative, businesses shuttered, pensions unpaid, and inflation as high as 100%/day. If you think I’ve exaggerated that inflation rate, I personally witnessed such, just a few years ago, in Zimbabwe; Germany suffered something very similar following WW I, and several European nations are on the verge today.

        That seemingly impossible scenario will be made possible by our continued spending of far more than we earn; consuming four times as much as we produce, and by paying our international debts with increasingly worthless dollars, which we print with childish abandon.  When the World decides that they no longer will accept the U.S. dollar as the World Reserve Currency, we’ll no longer be able to pay our trillions in foreign debt with our Monopoly money, so we’ll literally declare bankruptcy, which will trigger the series of destructive events mentioned earlier.

       Many factors have come together to create that doomsday prediction: so many, in fact, that it seems impossible that, even were we today to begin to act to correct them, we could no longer avoid the impending default on our debts, the consequential bankruptcy, and an economic disaster so severe that it would make the Great Depression, of the early 20th Century, appear to have been the “good old days.”    

      Our downward spiral began shortly after WW II, when we were at our peak in world prestige and power.  Life was good – too good!  Emerging from the war years (which rationed gasoline, cheese, meat, and women’s silk stockings; broke up our families; put women to work on assembly lines; and browned-out once bright cities), we became focused on enjoying life.  We wanted to enjoy the good things, which didn’t include hard manual labor, attempting to live within a family budget, or worrying about what the children were doing.  We developed a taste for French wines and cheeses, German hams, Italian truffles, British sports cars, Irish linen, Scotch whiskey, Belgian chocolate, and Soviet caviar.  While our children developed with little or no parental guidance or counsel, government grew like a cancer, eventually becoming the Socialistic welfare state we suffer from today.  Government became our biggest employer, while producing nothing we needed, or could sell to other nations (so as to offset the money we were shelling out for imported goods).  As government ballooned, businesses that produced necessary goods, for use here and abroad, closed their doors; forced to quit by burdensome government regulation, along with selfish, unjustified, union demands for unreasonable pay increases, which combined to make it impossible to compete with foreign business making the same product, and selling it for much less.

       Our inadequately raised children had no work ethic, no commitment to building strong families based on marriage between a man and a woman – one that lasted “till death do us part.” They became hedonistic spendthrifts: living for the moment, saving nothing for a rainy day, separating themselves from what were seen as outdated, restrictive conventions and traditions, and relying on the government for health care, college educations, unemployment insurance, retirement, and more.  As the nation’s once fundamental, and vital, social fabric was ripped apart, we became less and less productive, and more and more dependent on big government.   Mines closed, factories went dark, and agriculture couldn’t get enough labor, so we had to import more and more, while selling less and less, which gave rise to the international debt that is destroying us.  We had become a nation of spoiled children, unwilling to work for any reason, unless such “work” was that clean, easy, highly paid sort glamorized on the boob tube (e.g., non-productive lawyers in silk suits and Italian shoes, or obscenely overpaid, professional athletes).  College students no longer were there to learn useful professions (i.e., sciences, engineering, mining, agriculture, medicine, etc.); instead, they partied, enjoyed football games, reveled in free-sex dorms, and took courses in law, literature, sociology, languages, etc., which result in production of nothing, and can not therefore help us to eliminate our crushing international debt.

      I’m of an age that makes it most unlikely that I’ll be around to witness the crash that’s coming because it seems that we haven’t the intelligence, nor the will, necessary to try to stop it.  But for the rest of you, I suggest that you start now to try to plan to survive a period in which inflation is so high that you must spend what you earn immediately after being paid (if you still are paid anything), because the next morning it will buy only half as much.  Perhaps, if you are able, you might consider buying and storing gold, which will, under this doomsday scenario, increase in purchasing power, and be accepted when and where dollars aren’t.  You might also plan for a vegetable garden, and some chickens (if big government allows), but then you’ll also probably need a gun to protect what you’ve worked to produce, from those that didn’t plan nor work – but that same government that doesn’t allow for chickens in the backyard, might also deny you the right to own a gun.  And so it goes.  God help us: we won’t help ourselves.


Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated feature by j.g.nash.  Relevant comment may be sent to him at jgn@jgnash.com.

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